Program Learning Goals and Student Learning Outcomes

Broad Learning Goals

A. Students will understand and identify the historical, political, social, cultural, and/or economic dimensions of international processes and issues, integrating these into an interdisciplinary perspective.

B. Students will be able to critically read/write about, discuss, and engage in scholarly inquiry related to international processes and issues.

C. Students will acquire a basic level of fluency in a second language and are expected to experience a foreign locale in which to use these language skills.

D. Students will be aware of career and post-graduate opportunities their degree makes possible.

Student Learning Outcomes

A1. Students will draw on their knowledge of international processes and issues to identify and describe at least two dimensions – historical, political, social, cultural, economic – of specific international issues or problems.

B1. Students will integrate knowledge and scholarly approaches across disciplines, apply an interdisciplinary approach, and account for the international context of a research problem.

B2. Students will present and discuss their research in compelling, coherent, clear analytical arguments.

C1. Students will be able to communicate clearly and effectively in a language other than their native language.

C2. Students will develop intercultural awareness and/or communication skills.

D1. Students will evaluate career and post-graduate opportunities available to International Studies majors.