How to sponsor International Studies Institute events and programs

Dear friends of the International Studies Institute,

 Thank you to everyone who has contributed to supporting our programs, public lectures, and students.  We appreciate your role as participants in our activities and as ambassadors who help connect the Albuquerque community with the rest of the world.

 As we work on building a stronger and broader foundation for our Institute, we would like to encourage you to join our current sponsors in supporting these efforts.  Donations to the International Studies Institute are made through the UNM Foundation and can be designated to one of the funds below.

~ Ian Stewart, Acting Director ~

This fund provides the over International Studies majors with scholarship support for study abroad programs, internationally-oriented internships (that are almost always unpaid), and student participation in international, national, and local conferences and other academic opportunities. To support our students, please click here.

This fund supports ISI programs that are always free and open to the public. We organize a Fall Lecture Series around a specific theme with 8-9 speakers, half of whom are from out of state. We also sponsor several additional speakers every semester on a variety of topics. To support these programs, please, please click here.

This fund helps brings internationally prominent scholars of Jewish Studies to campus once a semester, usually to deliver two different lectures each. We are also starting a new cinema series of Jewish-themed films followed by a discussion led by an expert in the field. To support these lectures, please click here.

Your donations also help us provide video recordings of lectures and public events. These are available online to everyone, so you can always catch up or revisit any of these special events. Click here for videos.