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Christine Sauer, Associate Director

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International Studies Institute

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International Studies Institute

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The International Studies Institute (ISI) is an umbrella organization for the three interdisciplinary undergraduate programs in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of New Mexico-- International Studies, European Studies, and Asian Studies (including the Middle East). The goal of the Institute is to pursue broad-based initiatives involving all three programs, such as coordinating lecture series and conferences, reaching out to secondary schools, and supporting international and interdisciplinary study, research, and outreach programs.

As an institute that serves undergraduates in three majors—International Studies, European Studies, and Asian Studies—and the associated faculty of each program, our primary goal is to provide greater opportunities for the dissemination of knowledge about all parts of the world on the UNM campus and throughout the state.

ISI seeks to attract faculty with international experience, and develop relationships with local, regional, and global communities by supporting faculty and student exchange programs to all parts of the world.

For information on the International Studies major, please contact
    Professor Eleni Bastéa
    Professor Christine Sauer

For information on the Asian Studies major, please contact
    Professor Lorie Brau

For information on the European Studies major, please contact
    Professor Steve Bishop


Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Two Lectures by Heba Sharobeem

Women & The Arab Spring: The Egyptian Case

Egyptian Women’s Art and Graffiti Work:
A Political and Social Manifesto

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Friday, October 16, 2015

ISI 2015 Fall Lecture Series presents:

Lecture by Joseph Jupille

Franco-German Reconciliation

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Monday, October 19, 2015

ISI 2015 Fall Lecture Series presents:

Lecture By Anthony Barnett

Jeremy Corbyn at the Watershed of the European Left

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Fall 2015 Lecture Series

Fall 2015 poster

ISI Conferences & Lectures

Fall 2015 Lecture Series - Peace: From Conflict to Reconciliation

posted: Mon Oct 05 2015 09:27:11

Women & The Arab Spring

posted: Thu Oct 08 2015 10:49:56

October 16 Lecture: Franco-German Reconciliation

posted: Tue Oct 13 2015 09:26:01

News & Events

New Fall 2015 Late-starting, 8-Week Class: INTS 499 (2 Credits)

posted: Mon Oct 05 2015 11:23:53

Fall 2015 Semester The International Studies Program announces a new class: INTS 499 Peace: From ... [read more]

Sept. 11, 2015: Lecture: How Jews Became Israelis by Derek Penslar

posted: Thu Aug 27 2015 13:06:56

International Studies Institute presents The 2nd 2015 Lecture in Contemporary Jewish Studies Ho ... [read more]

April 1 & 2, 2015: Two Lectures by Serhii Plokhy

posted: Tue Mar 31 2015 15:24:26

Two lectures on Russia-related topics by Serhii Plokhy "Who killed the Soviet Union: Revisiting ... [read more]