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Christine Sauer

Department of Economics

Associate ISI Director, International Studies Associate Program Director

Contact Information

Phone: (505) 277-1963
Office: ECON 2028

(PhD Economics, Brown University) has served as the ISI Director for a total of six and a half years (2005-2006, Spring 2008, and 2008-2013) and is stepping into the position of Associate ISI Director for 2013-2014.  Previously, she also served as the European Studies Program Director (2004-2008).  A long-time faculty member of UNM’s Economics Department, her areas of specialty are applied macroeconomics and monetary economics, with emphasis on international and open economy issues.  Scholarly work consists of a book, Alternative Theories of Output, Unemployment, and Inflation in Germany (1989), and numerous refereed articles and conference presentations on topics such as seigniorage in the EMU and in dollarized economies, exchange rate volatility and trade, monetary policy and central bank behavior in the U.S. and Germany.  She is an award-winning teacher whose contributions to teaching, curriculum development, and international education at UNM have been recognized with the 2008-2009 “Outstanding Teacher of the Year” award and her selection as the 2011-2013 Presidential Teaching Fellow.