jordyn suber

(2024 ASSURE Fellow) "As an International Studies and Linguistics major, the ASSURE research initiative allows me to pursue my interests as I research how the historical and political use of the word "reconstruction" is used in various international realms, as well as how the usage of this term has changed over time across various disciplines. "

The ISI scholarship has been instrumental in shaping my academic development during my Semester at Sea experience. This scholarship has provided me with the opportunity to immerse myself in different cultures,expand my knowledge of global issues, and enhance my critical thinking skills…I had the opportunity to visit 10 different countries and 3 continents…we have traveled to Belgium, Spain, Malta, Greece, Gibraltar(U.K.), South Africa, Mauritius, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand." (Photo taken in South Africa)

Nancy Arreguin

Studying in Brazil has changed my perspectives in so many ways. This experience exposed me to a new language, culture, and love for this country

Semester at sea

My experience with Semester at Sea in the Fall of 2017 gave me the opportunity to open my eyes further to the world and find new passions.

The International Studies Institute

The International Studies Institute (ISI) is an umbrella organization for the interdisciplinary undergraduate program in International Studies in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of New Mexico. We currently offer a minor in International Studies and a Major in International Studies. In addition, we host the Contemporary Jewish Studies Lecture Series each spring and fall semester. 


ISI's vision is to advance the understanding of global issues and other regions of the world- their peoples, cultures, developments, and challenges- including those that are of strategic and economic interest to the U.S


Serving the undergraduates and affiliated faculty of each program, our mission is to provide greater opportunities for the advancement and dissemination of knowledge about today's world of the UNM campus and throughout the state of New Mexico. 


The goal of the Institute is to pursue broad-based initiatives such as coordinating lecture series and conferences, reaching out to secondary schools, and supporting an international and interdisciplinary study, research, and outreach programs.

ISI seeks to attract faculty with international experience, and develop relationships with local, regional, and global communities by supporting faculty and student exchange programs to all parts of the world.

For information on the International Studies major, please contact

Director: Dr. Stephen Bishop
Academic Advisor: Elliot Parras

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