Fall 2017 Lectures and Events

The International Studies Institute proudly presents
the Fall 2017 Lecture Series:

Slow Work: Time and Life in the Digital Age

October 9 through November 13
Mondays at 5:30 pm

All lectures will take place in Ortega Hall 335 (Reading Room) at UNM


Schedule with links to lectures videos

Schedule with links to lectures videos

Slow Work: Time and Life in the Digital Age

Both infinite and fleeting, time defines all aspects of human existence, from the way we learn, work and play to how we govern. But since the dawn of the digital age, technology is revolutionizing the way we measure time and by consequence the way we live. This year’s ISI Public Lecture Series is dedicated to examining the intersection of human existence and technology’s capacity to redefine the meaning of both space and time in the context of life and work.

The invited speakers are distinguished Humanities scholars, researchers, and professionals from different universities and organizations who represent disciplines ranging from anthropology, history, and law to philosophy and photography. Our speakers will present a multi-disciplinary perspective on slow work at the intersection of arts, culture, education, justice, and policy/politics in different regions of the world.

Speakers are asked to question conventional wisdom and easy answers and engage the audience with critical topics that are cannot be summarized in sound bites. Lectures will be 45-50 minutes long, followed by Q&A and discussion with the audience. At the conclusion of each lecture and discussion, the audience will come away with several different points of view and more questions regarding time and life in the digital age.

Fall Slow Work Poster

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The International Studies Institute would like to thank all our sponsors who helped make this lecture series possible.

New Mexico Humanities Council and the National Endowment for the Humanities

University of New Mexico:

  • Office of the Provost
  • Vice President for Student Affairs
  • College of Arts & Sciences
  • Departments of American Studies, Anthropology, Communication & Journalism, English, Foreign Languages & Literatures, History, and Linguistics
  • Women Studies Program and the Feminist Research Institute

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