2016 Fall Special Lectures

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Friday, October 28, 2016
3:00 pm • Dane Smith Hall 327,  UNM

The EU: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

A lecture by Joseph Jupille, Ph. D., Associate Professor of Political Science
University of Colorado, Boulder
Co-Director of the Tocqueville Initiative

At root, the British vote to leave the EU in the “Brexit” referendum reflects Europeans’ fundamental dilemma: “ever closer union” makes substantial policy sense in a wide range of areas, but domestic politics no longer supports increasing European integration.  

Dr. Jupille will discuss the logic of those three little words from the 1957 Rome Treaty, “ever closer union” , use Brexit to to illustrate the strong countervailing logic of national politics, and reflect on the future of both Britain and the European Union.

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This lecture is funded by the University of New Mexico,
the Colorado European Union Center for Excellence (Univ. of Denver),
and the European Union Commission


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