2015 Fall Lecture Series - Description and Video Links

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Monday, October 12
Panel presentation on Israel and Palestine (no description available)
Alex Lubin, Ph.D., Chair of American Studies, UNM and Les Field, Ph.D. Chair of Anthropology
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Friday, October 16
Franco-German Reconciliation

Joseph Jupille, Ph.D., Political Science, University of Colorado, Boulder, “Franco-German Reconciliation
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Monday, October 19
Jeremy Corbyn at the Watershed of the European Left
Anthony Barnett, Founder of openDemocracy and Co-Editor of OurKingdom, its UK section “openDemocracy: a global commons”
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Friday, October 23
On conflict resolution in Central America (no description available)

William D. Stanley, Ph.D., Chair of Political Science, UNM
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Monday, October 26
Panel discussion on Transitional Justice (no description available)

Jennifer Moore, UNM Law School and Kathy Powers, Political Science, UNM
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Friday, October 30
On Anselm Kiefer and the German moral imperative for WWII reparations
Diane Tintor, MFA, Chair, Art & Art History, Santa Fe Community College.
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Monday, November 2
Documentary films on the Armenian genocide
and on The reconciliation between Germany and Poland
Reinhard Lorenz, MFA, Film maker,
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Friday, November 6
Stability or Conflict: The Role of Shared Security

David Henkel, Ph.D., Community and Regional Planning, UNM (Emeritus)
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Monday, November 9
Writing Peace in a Time of War

Margaret Randall, Writer, poet, activist.
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Friday, November 13
Plumbing the Depths of Peace and Reconciliation on Cyprus

Vangelis Calotychos, Ph.D., Comparative Literature, Brown University, lecture on the peace process in Cyprus
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Monday, November 16
Architecture in the Service of Reconciliation in South Africa
Randall Bird, M.Arch., Ph.D., Art, Design and Architecture (FADA) University of Johannesburg, lecture on architecture in the service of reconciliation in South Africa
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Friday, November 20
The Arab Spring, Autocracy, and the United States
Emile Nakhleh, Ph.D., Research Professor, UNM, "The Arab Spring, Autocracy, and the United States: Must Interests Always Trump Values?
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Monday, November 23
Can Public Health Sciences Education Influence Global Conflict Transformation?
Jamal Martin, Ph.D., Director Peace and Justice Program, UNM, “Can Health Sciences Education Influence Global Conflict Transformation?”
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Monday, November 30
Nuclear Literature: Storytelling and Survival from Los Alamos to Hiroshima and Beyond
Julie Williams, Ph.D. candidate, English, UNM, "Nuclear Literature: Storytelling and Survival from Los Alamos to Hiroshima and beyond”
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